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Project Management

Agile Project Management and Scrum

The qualities of the project manager

The project manager must be well versed in project management. At the same time, however, he must have many soft skills with which to balance the project and at the same time the business. Reference: https://stc-montreal.org/what-is-project-management/

The previous project manager had serious problems with both the Development team and stakeholders and customers. I think most of his words are exaggerated. With everything written, he demonstrates resentment at his "unfinished work" or so it seems, and I do not think that employers or project managers and other potential staff will pay serious attention to the comment on the site and this will reflect on the company's reputation. I am not aware of the reason you broke up with my colleague, but in general, I would categorize the comment as malicious and exaggerated.

Project manager and deadlines

In the short time, I've been in the company, I've never missed a deadline, and even if I see that there is such a danger, the CEO's doors are always open and as long as I can inform him in time (within a reasonable time) for a possible future delay in any of the activities or targets, he always finds time to listen to me and together to make an adequate decision, given the situation. I have never had such conversations with our clients before and I believe that such conversations are unacceptable. Reference: Who is Project Manager, responsibilities and how to become a project manager 

On the other hand, I keep them informed about the project development processes and if there is a proposal on their part that does not fit into the chronology of the development of the processes or I see that it would lead to possible financial losses for them, I tell them, I also give my proposals and if the clients still stick to their views on the development of the project, I calculate the additional funds, agree with you and act. Whether the clients are competent or not, I don't think it's up to me, as a project manager. For me, the implementation of the contract by both parties is important. Personal communication with clients and the project-manager-client relationship is very important and the fact that the former colleague did not have time for this is entire to his disadvantage. Reference: Project Manager, responsibilities, definitions, and practices

The only serious problem I see is too frequent meetings with members of the Development team. That's what I notice. Perhaps, given the scope of the project, it would be good to have a meeting with them at a higher level to find out why. I'm still new and I've had 4 or 5 meetings with some of them and what impresses me is that if there is some deviation from the original arrangements or the client wants adjustments, they are difficult and cost them a lot of time, which is where it comes from. this additional constant communication. I think this can be corrected if three or four more people are appointed in this department, but first arrange a meeting with them and listen to them. It is also good for everyone to know exactly which processes they are responsible for, which I can deal with and sign in the contract because in addition to working as a team, it is good to stick together in advance who has reached how far.

Project Manager's meetings with senior management

Another recommendation that I would give before concluding contracts with future clients is to convene meetings between you (the company's top management) and us - the project managers (middle management) and the heads of departments in the company, in order to ensure a stable human resource. and capacity to implement projects, as well as to be able to assess risks and penalties. Sometimes the apparent profit from making a commitment can lead to huge losses and failures for the company due to the non-implementation of another project. At the moment I am impressed that all our projects are sent for implementation without being agreed with us - the project leaders. Reference: https://agileprogramming.org/what-is-project-management-definitions-and-practices/

Thank the former employee for the feedback and the diligence and effort he put into his work. Explain in detail that the success of a project is due to teamwork - in helping everyone, giving guidance, and creating business strategies and plans. Thank him for communicating often with clients, but more communication was needed with his bosses, with you. He was probably not clear about your expectations of him.
Also, explain that the time factor is critical for management teams and that team effectiveness is directly dependent on communication and openness in the team.

The goals of this team are related to customer service, quality, continuous improvement, and innovation.
It is absolutely understandable for you in your role as a boss to want the maximum and to focus on the organization of activities and behavior around the processes, and not on the functions and tasks. Explain that prioritizing tasks is essential when preparing a project. Also, the project may have been "nice, clear, and colorful" in the beginning, but it is perfectly normal for it to change before it is delivered to the customer.

The development team and feedback

Talk to the Development team about their work related to the product. It often happens that the project manager is faced with conflicting requirements from the client or even a lack of consensus between the participants in the project. In the IT field, this is especially true, as people with technical skills often disagree with business representatives and the project manager has to deal with these differences. Most employers will be looking for an expert for such a position, who is a good organizer, has leadership qualities, and who shows excellent skills for time and priority management.

The qualities of the project manager

In addition, the person involved in IT project management should have qualities such as Analytical thinking; Ability to manage project risks; Skills for using generally accepted project practices and processes: planning, monitoring, etc.; Ability to negotiate with customers (analysis of customer expectations, collecting feedback on the service, conflict resolution); Development of project documentation and work with it; Good knowledge of the motivational principles and methods for evaluation of the team members; Language skills - in many cases it is necessary to work in an international environment, where English is mandatory, and any other language would be a plus. Source: https://brightonbot.com/what-is-project-management/

Ask yourself if your employees meet these requirements before thinking about their layoffs.
I recommend that you check to what extent it is effective and whether communication takes place in the organization, are its employees responsible and team personalities?

Regarding the clients, explain in detail the organization of the project and the time required for the release of the product. Tell them that they will receive delivery for any finished result or any ready-made material that is created during the project. This would be a good solution to facilitate the work of both parties.

The project manager is certified

I am currently preparing to take my BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM) exam at Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP.org) I chose this program because it is Agile oriented and modern. I want to improve my skills and credibility. Obtaining a certificate from a trusted organization is mandatory for me.

Most of the organizations require a certificate from the PM candidates. Lot of job positions list such requirements in their descriptions.

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