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Project Management

Agile Project Management and Scrum

Typical roles in project management practices and projects

George has been working for us for many years, I think he worked for about 7 years in the company and has a lot of experience in the field of the project and in the work in general. The title "functional manager" is connected with this, with experience, so I think that it would not be bad for George to take this position, and as a programmer, he will have the opportunity to make an objective review of my performance. I think that in my project work I will need a functional manager. Reference: Project manager vs Program manager vs Project sponsor: Differences and responsibilities As for the other positions, my opinion is as follows:

Program manager

I think that at this stage we do not need a program manager. The company still has only one project that I could handle directly, and in theory, the program manager is responsible for more than one project. And the project starts very soon, the roles in the team are distributed and I think things are channeled for now. In the event that in the process of work it is necessary to divide the project into several or there is a need to continue it, or we just make other commitments, this issue could be discussed, but for now, I think that if we appoint a person to this position will lead to unnecessary delays and additional costs.

Project sponsor

As the project sponsor is the person who has the ultimate power over him, it may be best for Samantha Barbara, co-founder and global director of Corporate Development, to take over. I believe that Mr. Liam has the clearest vision for the development of the company for the next few years, the main goals, priorities, and challenges, and yet he is the person who provides funding for the project. This is the person who makes the most important decisions for the development of the company and determines in which direction to move everyone. In this regard, I believe that this position "rightfully" belongs to Mr. Liam.

For our project, I think that the project director is the most important position because it is the person/people who monitor the development of the project at a strategic level, are responsible for its management, and have the right to make adjustments, both in its financial part and in the "technical implementation" part. This person must be aware of the desired end results and their added value for the development of our company. I propose for the project director Mr. Peterson, executive director, and you, Mr. James. My suggestions are two, as you have direct supervision of my work, not only as a project manager, but you know me well as a professional in the field and you could well control and "supervise" my work, and Mr. Pavlov will monitor everything on a strategic level and will discuss it with the sponsor. And I, as a project leader, will report our final decisions to the two of you, both orally and in the form of written reports (technical and financial), before discussing the work and processes with the functional manager.

Project Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of high-level stakeholders responsible for providing guidance on overall strategic leadership. In this regard, I suggest that all the people listed by you be members of the management committee, as each of them assists in making strategic decisions for the development of the company and in particular the project.
This is my vision for the team.

Project Manager
Presentation of the Project Manager to the stakeholders

I'm Dana Cooper, your new project manager. We will work with you on the project and I will be your coordinator.
As a coordinator, my main responsibilities will be to help solve emerging problems in the course of the work, to collect additional information about requirements, details, deadlines, and changes in the project stages, to mediate in the communication between the different teams. Read more: Scrum Master presents themselves to stakeholders and clients
I want to share with you my understanding of successful work - correctness in communication and meeting deadlines. The work of each team is part of the whole project and the completion of the project depends on the results of all teams. The main motive in my work is the successful completion of the project, possible to achieve only through communication and timely exchange of information.
To begin with, please let me know in writing what your current problems are, the expectations for the duration of the project for your work schedule, and your preferred method of communication.

Problems that exist until I started work

The teams did not have enough information about the purpose of the project.
The teams had problems with individual details during the implementation of the project stages.
(The project manager did not inform them and did not deal with the communication of the problems so that no details remain unclear.)

3. The teams did not have the opportunity to work independently.

(Teams are made up of specialists. The project manager can ask them about problems and direct them once he has been a specialist, but not do their job. Details that are not clear to the project manager himself are issues that need to be addressed. refer to senior management to gather the necessary information to clarify them.)

4. Failure to meet deadlines.

As we know from the Waterfall theory, if the project is a river, each dam on the river is a stage of the project, stopping (delaying) the water of one of the dams (unresolved problems and deadlines), stops the water down the river (the project is delayed or doomed to failure) Reference: What is Project Management

5. The delay of the project reached a level when the top management intervened.

(Senior management may not have found a common language, and if they relied on the same project manager who did not separate the work of the teams from their organizational responsibilities, it came to renegotiating clauses of the contract, most likely compensation and penalties were sought .)

6. Failure to implement the project leads to a bad atmosphere, mutual accusations, and reluctance to work.

Although in the organization the meetings with the teams are once a month, as a start, to lighten the situation and to improve the work climate, I will try to organize the meetings with the teams once in 2 weeks. As soon as the work starts, the meetings will become monthly again, so as not to unnecessarily commit the time for the work of the teams.

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